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Boomers Need Love

Along the way, there are some of us who have lost a love, or are looking to start a new life, or maybe are just looking for a little excitement in our lives.

Online dating may hold the answer. Here are some sites that we recommend... sites where you  can meet other Boomers... or just about anyone else.

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Need something to read? Here's a few books that just might be of interest to you...

Books For Boomers from Amazon

Here are some excellent Books that relate to Retirement, Aging and Travel

A Baby Boomer's Guide to Their Second Sixties

Turning sixty is not for the faint hearted. There are issues ahead. The first thing we all face is taking care of aging parents or what the author refers to as helping your parents check out. Then there are our own Boomer health issues. The quirky economist author finds humor in all of our aging experiences. This book covers Boomer issues, all in the context of our Boomer culture. We Boomers thought we would be young forever. Maybe that is why it is so amusing.

Do Not Go Gentle: Successful Aging for Baby Boomers and All Generations

By drawing on his own transformational experience, the author offers readers a role model for healthy aging. Yet he never glosses over the difficulties inherent in his plan: his methods are simple, but they require serious commitment to combat decades of poor lifestyle choices. As living proof that we're never too old to be healthy, Dr. Kownacki challenges baby boomers, who once defined what it meant to be young in America, to now define what it means to age well.


The Retirement Maze: What You Should Know Before and After You Retire

This book investigates the struggles faced by retirees in building a new life outside of the workforce. It provides an honest assessment of retirement, based on the not-always-acknowledged fact that it is a difficult transition with pitfalls and obstacles to be overcome. By reading about the experiences of their peers, current and future retirees will come to understand that others share their difficulties adjusting, and that tactics are available to improve their comfort level in retirement as well as their overall well-being.


The Art of Growing Old: Aging with Grace

In this timely and essential book, the author offers a fresh perspective on the art of growing old. She confronts head-on the inevitable grief we sustain at the loss of our youth and explains how refusing to age and move forward in life is actually what makes us become old. Combining personal anecdotes with psychological theory, philosophy, and eye-opening scientific research from around the world, she shows why we should look forward to embracing everything aging has to offer in terms of human and spiritual enrichment.


Growing Up: Retro Nostalgia & Humor of the 1940's & 1950's

A hilarious novel that chronicles the universal journey of growing up during the Golden Age of Innocence in a series of short, easy-reading chapters based on the embellished life of the author's alter ego, "Chip." Whether you grew up during the 1940's, 1950's, early '60's or later and are from the Silent Generation, a Baby Boomer, Gen X'er, Gen Y'er or a young adult or teenager who wants to experience a wonderful, simpler time, this is an "every person" book which relates to the benchmark moments of our lives.


Europe on a Dime: Five-Star Travel on a One-Star Budget: The Tightwad Way to Go

The author points out that the recent sharp decline in the value of the U.S. dollar has made apartment living the only practical alternative for many cost-conscious American travelers. Baby Boomers, especially, crave five-star luxury on a one-star budget. The hostels they frequented in their 20s won't do any more. They want en suite bathrooms, not a shower room down the hall, and a suitcase on wheels, not a pack on their backs. This book tells the largest demographic in American history exactly how to travel Europe in a systematic way designed to maximize enjoyment while minimizing cost.

Don't Let That Old Rockin' Chair Get You - The Best Years of Your Life Are Ahead of You - Remember You're Only As Old As You Feel

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